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Entombed: Bound by Darkness is a side-scrolling platformer for players who like fast-paced games that challenge their skill and reflexes.

Players take control of a young woman named Zahra. After waking up from cryo-stasis at the center of a mysterious high-tech pyramid on the verge of collapse, she'll have to make her way through a series of deadly traps and hazards, led by her robot companion, Glyph. However, all is not as it seems. Strange illusions fill the pyramid as Zahra's mind is compromised by the sins of her past and the darkness within her heart. Before she can escape and face the outside world, she must first face herself.

Developed by Twisted Glyph:

  • Mason Griff: Co-Director, Lead Programmer, User Interface, Audio, Animation
  • Brodie Kelley: Co-Director, Lead Writer, Lead Level Designer, Texturing, Modeling
  • John Davalos: Lead Artist, Modeling, Audio
  • Donovan Jones: Lead Animator, Level Design
  • Kane Fitzgerald: Character Modeling, Rigging, VFX
  • Hong Nguyen: Modeling, Texturing
  • Eugene Lee: User Interface, Modeling
  • Brody Salzman: Logo Design, Level Design
  • Michael Just: Music
  • Miranda Peralta: Music


Entombed- Bound By Darkness.zip 420 MB


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This game is really nice. I made a video check it out :)